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The 8th Wonder
My hair ... another entity ... separate from my self and soul ... with a life and death of its own. Only one precious product tames the ravages so that my strands remain content to stay with me and not break away to live a drifter life. When all is lost and/or when everything is to gain - I apply MIXD FLAVA GRAPEFRUIT & PATCHOULI HAIR & BODY BALM ($18) to towel dried hair and soak up the magic during the blow drying process. Although the texture of this balm is like a lightly-whipped-Crisco, applied sparingly it delivers a beautiful shine and healthy moisture. Melt a dollop in the palms of your hands and apply to dry hair as well to subdue frizz and enhance sun protection. Be smart and take MIXD FLAVA to the desert island as a body balm for similar miraculous results in soothing sunburn, skin irritation, dry skin and wrinkles.
Available at or by calling 877- MI-FLAVA
Finally, a white powdery substance to embrace!
Ever go too far with the conditioner or just not feel like going through the exhausting process of yet another hair washing experience? Enter the most awesome excuse for skipping a trip to the shower since grunge - BUMBLE AND BUMBLE HAIR POWDER $27 - dry shampoo for the new Millennium! Shake the bottle, squeeze the powder 6-8 inches from hair and work through with fingers. Emerge with a fresh, matte coiffure. Extra special bonus - loads and loads of body (dab it at the roots anytime and get an instant lift)! B&B HAIR POWDER comes in four exciting shades - red, brown, black and white (for blondes!). Hair powder can also be mixed with other products to create new looks and decrease hair styling boredom (check out the B&B website for recipes!).
Visit for store locations
It Don't Mean A Thing if you ain't got that VIVE!
It took me awhile to realize what was really happening to my bottles of L'OREAL COLOR VIVE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. Instead of the hair product dragon mysteriously appearing from the drain to suck it all up and then vanish ... my vive's had become the most popular bottles in the shower. Grown men, highschool boys, visiting sisters and girls-girls-girls were all using MY damn shampoo! What was the attraction? Simply the best bang for the buck that a shampoo/conditioner can deliver! Pick a VIVE, any VIVE, and join in this voracious revolution! In addition to the five star performance of COLOR-VIVE, check out FRESH-VIVE an exquisite light shampoo and conditioner (with faintest smell of luscious grapefruit) for the frequent user. Go VIVE!

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