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Best reason to RUN in HEELS~

Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) kicks demon booty, stakes vampire ass and stomps out evil with her Prada slingbacks and haute couture. Joining her in this thankless glamour? Zander-a cozy blanket guy friend, Willow- best girl and recovering witch, Anya -a vengeance demon with a guilty conscience, Spike-a sarcastic/love smitten vampire with a new soul and Dawn-her pre-fab sister. Tune in to the best show on television and enjoy the short life of the demon du jour as Buffy and her scooby co-horts fight back! Sit on the edge of your seat and fret as we hope for Spike to regain sanity/Buffy and for Dawn to squelch her spin-off notions.

Best reason to Fuhget about Tony S.~

ALIAS - Sunday on ABC - 9:00 P.M. ET

In the first show of this season, Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner ) is shot at point blank range by her long lost (as in presumed dead) mother (Lena Olin). FINALLY - A realistic portrayal of a mother/daughter relationship! Better yet it's familial dysfunction at its glorious best as Sydney (a double agent) and her father, Jack, (also a double agent) grapple with consequences after the mother (formerly Russian intelligence) turns herself in to the CIA. Expect a grand mixture of espionage, cool spy equipment, extreme plane jumps, tantalizing undercover makeovers and smart dialogue (Jack's fatherly advice to Sydney regarding evil mother "... the minute you start depending on her she will GUT YOU! ...").
Best reason to visit a "Hack" Doctor~
ER - Thursday night on NBC - 10:00 P.M. ET
Suddenly a show that desperately needed a chest crack and an IV has me hooked again. I'm not going to lie. My new found interest is ALL ABOUT THE SEVERED ARM! The helicopter blade, which unexpectedly hacked off evil Dr. Ramono's arm during the season premiere of ER, guaranteed that I will not be flipping channels. I knew that I had been witness to an exquisitely unexpected thrill. Of course the arm was re-attached but stay tuned to find out if this walking-talking-redheaded-piece-of-crapola regains the usage of his digits. Also be on the lookout for fallout from - Carter and Abby: a quarantine love story. Flatline be gone!
Best reason to go Brunette~
GILMORE GIRLS - Tuesday night on the WB - 8:00 P.M. ET
The Gilmore girls live in a perfect, sleepy New England town ... and each week, as Loralei Gilmore speed-talks poetic wisdom to her beautiful daughter Rory while they watch nerdy video rentals, we all kind of secretly wish that our mothers' had given birth to us during senior year of high school too. A modern, fun, unapologetic twist to the conventions of mothers and daughters and grandmothers - I watch and laugh and cry and then I pine for Rory's (Alexix Bledel's) perfect brown hair.
Best reason to surrender to the cheese~
EVERGREEN - Monday night on the WB - 9:00 P.M. ET
Is it pure cheese that I need to watch this new show? I can't help myself. The ski town setting alone is enough ... I don't even care if the dialogue sucks or the family-come-home theme is being shoved up my ass. I just desperately love that everyone is wearing sweaters and that there is snow in the background.
Best reason to become a netflix whore~
24 - The First Season - on DVD
What was all the huff about? 24 this and 24 that? There must have been a serious scheduling conflict because I missed the entire first season and thought that I didn't care. UNTIL - it came out on DVD and I couldn't contain my curiosity. Each DVD contains 4 episodes and after watching the first DVD I knew that I was going to be surfing netflix until I had finished all 24 episodes. Needless to say that I am still watching ... but with every episode my tension builds and the enthusiasm grows. Within a cast of mostly unknown actors (unknown to me that is) Kiefer Sutherland utterly shines. He is a government agent trying to stave off an assassination plot to kill a president elect, a husband trying to pull things back together with his deeply, coiffure-challenged wife and a father trying to find his rebellious, missing daughter. Shot in "real time" this show feels like the real thing and it delivers the kinds of punches you would normally expect to see at the box office. Kieffer is back - woo hoo!

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